Back In Time For Tea was established in 2013, with the aim of recreating a World War II Nissen hut. 
The café is full of memorabilia from the period including photographs, posters, signs, personal items and military equipment.  We also have lots of literature, including local books, about the war. 
The 1940s was a time when people rallied together and this is evident in the atmosphere of the café, which is welcoming to all and offers good quality, personal service.  The portions are not rationed (!) but the menu does reflect some of the food that would have been eaten during the war.
The current owners took over in December 2016.  Anna is passionate about all things 40s, but is particularly interested in the clothing and the food of the time.  She has discovered family recipes from the war and revived them for the café.
Heather has an historical background and has used this knowledge to help expand the WWII collection and provide inspiration for further developments in the café.